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Port Arthur Fellowship is a new church plant whose goal is to reach the people of Port Arthur with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. We also believe that the people of Port Arthur are ready for that change. 

Our goal will be to build relationships with the people of Port Arthur. To partner with schools and local business for the purpose of evangelizing and making disciples of all who call on Jesus for Salvation. We encourage you to partner with us, whether you are looking for a church or just curious about what the church and Christianity is all about, we welcome all conversations and hope to bring change to the city of Port Arthur. 

With Bible studies beginning in October 2023, we hope you will join us as we aim to reach all people with the hope and freedom offered through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please leave your contact information and we will keep you up to date with times and locations for BIble studies and any events we plan throughout the year. 

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